Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will NOT be holding a
press briefing today. Director of Public Health and County Health
Officer Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding will be briefing the Board of
Supervisors today at 1:00 p.m. regarding the swine influenza situation
in Los Angeles County.

This will be held at the Board of Supervisor's regular meeting location
at the Hahn Hall of Administration. Media are welcome to attend.
Individual media updates (one-on-one media requests) will not be granted
until after this afternoon's Board meeting.

Media wishing to carry the report live may park their satellite trucks
in front of the Hall of Administration off Temple and plug into cable
box there. You may carry your own broadcast live from the Board or the
telecast the County produces.

The Board of Supervisors meetings can also be viewed live on the web at
this link: http://bos.co.la.ca.us/Categories/MtgsBoard/LiveBroadcast.htm

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