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Patt Morrison Weds, April 15


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Mexico in the News: Border Czar Named, President’s Trip Announced

Tomorrow [Weds], DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will name Alan Bersin as the new border “czar” – a new position created by the Obama administration to handle illegal immigration and border issues. President Obama makes his first presidential trip south of the border beginning Thursday in Mexico City and then in Trinidad and Tobago for the Summit of the Americas, a gathering of 34 Western Hemisphere nations. What’s on the agenda?






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Terrified of Tijuana?

Drug trafficking violence in Mexico has raised concerns with U. S. tourists who are thinking about traveling south of the border.  Concerned that the number of visitors will decrease (last year there were 18 million from the U.S. alone), the Mexico Tourism Board wants to set the record straight and is bringing their story to Los Angeles in a series of roundtable talks with industry leaders on how Mexico's war against drug cartels is not affecting safety and security for travelers.



Carlos Behnsen, Executive Director of the Mexico Tourism Board. Before joining the MTB, Carlos worked in the commercialization of large hotel groups in Mexico such as Presidente Intercontinental, Sol Meliá, Hilton, Camino Real & Hyatt Regency and in the Dominican Republic such as Casa de Campo.


Bryan Estep, Travelocity's Regional Director for Latin America, Hawaii, and Asia-Pacific





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Drunk Driver Lock?

The death of Angel's pitcher Nick Adenhart is reviving interest in a law requiring those convicted of drunk driving to pass a DUI test every time they get in their cars. They would have to install an Ignition Interlock ... basically, a computer connected to a tube that will cut off the engine if it sniffs too much booze on the breath. Is this the way to save future Adenharts or are safety advocates going too far?



Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-42 Los Angeles). He has introduced a bill (AB 91) that will require all convicted drunk drivers in four California counties to have ignition interlock devices for a minimum of six months as a condition to driving.

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Sarah Longwell, Managing Director of the American Beverage Institute

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