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What is Media’s Role in Foreign Policy?

In their new book, American Idol after Iraq, nationally syndicated columnist Nathan Gardels and veteran Hollywood executive Mike Medavoy, explore the role of US media in foreign policy.  It argues that cultural institutions and businesses have a part in exercising “soft power” – the ability to obtain desired outcomes without coercion. And that Hollywood should be included as “a key player in the ‘deep coalition’ required to support a ‘smart power’ foreign policy.”  But can the power of movies, television shows and video games really be harnessed to achieve specific outcomes?



Mike Medavoy, co-author of American Idol After Iraq: Competing for Hearts and Minds in the Global Media Age, chairman and co-founder of Phoenix Pictures.







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Washington, CBS, and the Glory Days of Television News

In 1964, CBS congressional correspondent Roger Mudd was covering the Senate's historic Civil Rights Act debate on the steps of Congress—it was the beginning of his 20-year career at the CBS News Washington bureau. He joins us today to look back at that unique bureau—"the place to be"—unmatched at the time in its caliber, dedication, and professionalism, even with all its rivalries and egos. Mudd points to the glory days of television news to remind us what quality journalism should look like. 



Roger Mudd, CBS anchor and author of The Place to Be

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