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Good News on Taxes: Big Breaks for Many

Tax deadline is tomorrow, that’s the bad news. The good news is there are all sorts of stimulus-related tax breaks out there, including an $8,000 First Time Home Buyer's Credit that applies to homes bought this year. There's also a credit for car buying. And there's a $2,400 tax exemption on unemployment compensation; unfortunately, there are too many people nowadays who qualify for that one. The economy may be tanking, but maybe you can make up for some of the loss on your taxes. Find out how.



Robert Goldstein: Tax attorney

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World War III…Fought on an Electric Grid?

Debates rage over whether to cancel the F-22 or own a gun, but the reality of security threats in the future may well come through your computer—cyber spies have penetrated the US electrical grid and left behind software programs that, although dormant, could be activated during war to wreak havoc on our water, sewage, and electric infrastructure systems. And energy-saving technologies like smart grids might only be exacerbating the problem, providing an increasing number of portals for spies to hack. What's being done to prevent such an attack and could it include broadening what's covered by our defense budget?



Tom Kellermann, vice president of Security Awareness, Core Security Technologies and a member of the Commission on Cyber Security that is advising President Obama

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Dr. Dave McIntyre, director, Integrative Center for Homeland Security, Texas A & M University; former Dean of the National War College

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State of the City of Los Angeles

In his fifth Sate of the City address, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is expected to focus on economics--the city budget has a projected shortfall of $530 million. Other issues bound to come up: hoped-for union concessions, his plan to continue expanding the Los Angeles Police Department despite the shortfall, and questions about whether or not he will remain mayor of Los Angeles through 2013 or if he'll make a run for the Governor's office next year. The address will be given to 100 invited guests in San Pedro. We get a preview.





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