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Carbon Sequestration

President Obama's stimulus plan included about $3.5 billion for carbon capture and storage (CCS), or sequestration—the practice of compressing carbon dioxide gas to a liquid state and pumping it deep under ground. The idea is that sequestering carbon dioxide emissions from coal power plants and factories can hinder damage to the environment. But some environmentalist groups say it's a waste of time and money and could even contaminate potable water. Are there legitimate health risks to carbon sequestration and is it a necessary part of a solution to global warming?



Senator Dick Durbin, (D-IL) a proponent of sequestration on Capitol Hill, he included $1 billion in the stimulus package to restart FutureGen, an experimental coal power plant to be built in Mattoon, IL that would use sequestration.

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Julio Friedmann, director of the Carbon Storage Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Jane Williams, director of California Communities Against Toxics

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But Wait…There’s More!

Come on, admit it!  You or someone you know has ripped out that credit card at midnight and bought one of those "too-good-to-be-true" products advertised on late-night infomercials. Well, you’re not alone.  Last year, one of every three Americans picked up the phone and bought a so-called miracle product, contributing to a $100 billion industry   Why do we still buy this stuff if its really too good to be true?  Journalist Remy Sterns explores the clever tactics and psychology behind selling that exploit our bad habits of spend, spend, spend. 



Remy Stern, author of But Wait…There’s More!

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