Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lancaster animal care volunteer honored


Date:  April 9, 2009

Contact:  Evelina Villa (562) 728-4644 or (562)  322-8762


LA County Department of Animal Care & Control Celebrates

The “Volunteer of the Year” recipient from their Lancaster Shelter

Lancaster, CA – There are many wonderful things that often get overlooked and unnoticed. Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control (DACC) volunteers are committed and dedicated to help save the lives of thousands of animals.  This year the Department and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will recognize the extraordinary contributions of volunteer Jolene Grimes, a volunteer at the County’s Lancaster shelter. 


Jolene has been volunteering with the Department since June 2007. After just one short year, she was selected by staff to be “Lead Volunteer.” Lead Volunteers have demonstrated commitment, dependability, and congeniality and Jolene is the epitome of this. Because the Lancaster Shelter sees a large number of animals impounded monthly, Jolene has initiated off-site events such as Lancaster’s “Bark in the Park” and the bi-monthly PetSmart adoption events, which have helped place hundreds of animals into new, loving homes and bring awareness to unscrupulous breeding.  Watching Jolene juggle the many hours she puts into volunteering at the shelter and her home life with her husband and children, reminds us all that in these tough times there are still many people willing to give in-kind services.


Jolene states:  “I enjoy giving back to the community.  I love working with animals big and small.  Finding them new homes brings me great joy.  I am prideful of my work and it is my desire to set a good example for my children.” 


One thing is for certain; the Lancaster staff and the Department of Animal Care & Control are so moved by her hard work and commitment and know they can never replace her.  This is why she was selected for the Volunteer of the Year recognition.  Also honored at the recognition luncheon by the Department, is the County’s Castaic Shelter’s Youth Volunteer of the Year, 16 year old Christine Schadler.



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