Tuesday, June 2, 2009

judges support voluntary salary give-back

Los Angeles Superior Court

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Superior Court Judges Fully Support Voluntary Judicial Salary Give-Back

In Response to Budget Crisis


Judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court, acting through a unanimous Executive Committee, today endorsed the concept of developing a plan to permit judges to contribute voluntarily a portion of their salaries to alleviate the budget crisis faced by California’s justice system.

The unanimous action by the 22-member elected Executive Committee was announced by Presiding Judge Charles W. (Tim) McCoy after a special meeting today.

“The support for this among judges in Los Angeles is overwhelmingly positive. We all want to do our part.

“Our judges will work actively and publicly for a statewide program that will permit judges individually to make voluntary contributions to lessen a problem that we know will affect courts throughout Los Angeles County and California.”

            Under proposed legislation, which McCoy is helping to draft, judges statewide will have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute as if they were being furloughed one day a month, even though judges cannot constitutionally be placed on furlough status.

“The vote today shows clearly our judges are overwhelmingly willing to step up themselves to help control our budget and achieve cost savings essential to preserving the justice system for its customers and partners throughout Los Angeles County,” McCoy said.

“Our bench officers want to help out, and they are certainly willing to share the pain.”

            The form of voluntary contribution program has not been determined and will depend on the details of legislation still being developed on a statewide basis.

"The judges' decision today demonstrates they are ready and willing to participate and make their own sacrifices to ensure access to justice," McCoy said.

            On Friday, May 29, the judges met with McCoy countywide by teleconference. That meeting resulted in today’s Executive Committee vote.

McCoy recently announced a one-day-a-month furlough in Los Angeles beginning in July for court employees and staff.  The courts will continue to operate, but at sharply curtailed levels.

The Legislature, at the urging of Chief Justice Ronald M. George, is also considering a one day-a-month statewide court closure.  If it becomes law, that closure would take the

place of the furlough in Los Angeles.



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