Friday, August 15, 2008


                                AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS

                                                               Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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Agenda and supporting documents:

Agenda Highlights:                         


                                                                                                                                                                              Aug. 15, 2008           


                                                                                Aug. 19 Agenda Highlights

(Meeting begins at 9:30 a.m.)


Nisei queen and her court honored as part of the 68th Annual Nisei Week celebration.


Board asked to oppose Prop. 5 on Nov. 8 ballot, which would make significant changes to California’s drug treatment diversion programs for criminal offenders and reduce the parole supervision of some offenders.   (Item S-1, 11 a.m.)


Recommendation calls for reissuing $4.5 million in bonds to help developer refinance a 98-unit affordable senior rental housing development in San Fernando.   (Item 1-D)


Board asked to issue $21.2 million in revenue bonds to finance acquisition and rehabilitation of 75-unit, 89-unit and 64-unit multi-family rental housing projects in East Los Angeles and unincorporated areas near Whittier and Covina, respectively.  (Items 1-H, 2-H, 3-H)


$5.1 million proposal would fund construction of auditorium at Alondra Park in Lawndale.   (Items 1-P, 28)


$34,000 increase proposed for MacLaren Satellite Medical Hub Refurbishment project, which will provide health, mental health screenings and forensic assessment to foster children in eastern parts of the County, upping total budget to $284,000.   (Item 9)


Board approval sought for joint powers agreement between County and City of Los Angeles to implement a regional interoperable public safety radio communications system.   (Item 11)


Board asked to accept $136,000, plus interest from July 25, 1998, as settlement for five eminent domain lawsuits to acquire rights for freeway construction, and use in three flood control channels, which are transversed  by the 210 Freeway extension.   (Item 15)


Approval sought to build 84-unit senior citizen/developmentally disabled low-income apartment complex with community center in unincorporated East Compton and City of Compton.   (Items 16, 52)


Proposal would allow anti-psychotic medication to be administered to County jail inmates who have been found to be mentally incompetent to stand trial and unable to provide informed medication consent due to a mental disorder.  (Item 24)


Board approval sought for amended joint powers agreement between the County and the City of Los Angeles to locally regulate the combined operation of Sunshine Canyon Landfill.   (Item 26)


Proposal would extend existing lease in Marina del Rey for 39 years to build 400 new apartments, a new 161-slip marina and option to build an additional 126 apartments.  (Item 27, cont. from 8/12)


Recommendation calls for spending $2.4 million to renovate pool and pool building at Salazar Park in East Los Angeles.   (Item 29)


$2.8 million proposal would fund construction of splash pad projects at Atlantic, City Terrace and San Angelo Parks, containing up to 20 interactive water features of varying complexity for children.   (Item 31)


Supervisors asked to approve $3.4 million for new spay/neuter clinics at Baldwin Park and Carson/Gardena Animal Shelters to replace facilities that have deteriorated from heavy use.    (Item 32)


$981,000 proposal would replace 20+-year-old modular building used to house firefighters at Lake Los Angeles Fire Station 114, which is in advanced state of disrepair. (Item 33)


Permission sought to issue request for proposals to select best approach to design and build the $344.1 million Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Surgery/Emergency Replacement Project.   (Item 34)


$1.7 million proposal would award contract to develop a transit-oriented development specific plan in East Los Angeles for the 3rd Street Corridor Metro Gold Line Extension to develop new zoning codes and standards to stimulate development.   (Item 41)


Permission sought to apply for and accept $450,000 grant to continue to fund gang violence suppression program in the Antelope Valley.   (Item 45)


$175,000 settlement proposed for lawsuits concerning allegations that drainage facilities maintained by the Department of Public Works contributed to flooding which damaged a Castaic plant nursery.  (Item 49)


Board asked to adopt the 2008 Congestion Management Program Local Development Report to ensure the County continues to receive its share of gas tax subvention revenues.   (Item 54)



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