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August 18, 2008

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Leimert Park Raided to shut down signature gathering for Jamiel's Law - L.A. Government Mafia at Work to Protect Criminals

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Walter Moore said:

Shame on whoever authorized and instituted this attack on Constitutional rights. Remember the First Amendment? Peaceable assembly? Freedom of speech? Petitioning the government for redress?

This makes it official that L.A. is a Third World county. Sending police to harass political opponents is a move you'd expect from a dictator, not an American city hall.

The following is a blog account of Sunday's Villaraigosa Gestapo tactics:

Click on this link to see the outrageous double standard and how illegal aliens are not held to the same standards and rules.

Sunday, August 17th, the Los Angeles Police Department (Southwest Division), Sanitation Department, Parking Enforcement, General Services, the Health Department, Motorcycle Officers and a Helicopter, raided Leimert Park located on the corner of 43rd Place and Crenshaw Blvd. Leimert Park is a well-known park in the black community.
Every Sunday, The Shaw Family and supporters of Jamiel's Law, come to Leimert Park from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to get signatures to put Jamiel's Law on the March 3, 2009 ballot. We have our Jamiel's Law T-shirts on and we have Jamiel's Law petitions. We started doing this June 29th and we have been there every Sunday.

We usually barbecue and give away free hot dogs, chips and sodas, as a way of saying, "Thank You", to the people supporting us. But today, the family had a party for Thomas (the younger brother of murdered victim, Jamiel Shaw, II), at a different location, so we just had drinks and chips for the kids.

Suddenly, the park was surrounded with Los Angeles Police Officers. Some in plain clothes and some in uniform. Atleast 7 or 8 black and white cars and a couple of police vans, if not more. They started with our family. Asking for identification and asking for our social security numbers. We showed our identification, but we refused to give our social security numbers to the Police Officer. The officer was not happy with this and said, "You know, I could give you a ticket for blocking the sidewalk".

We did have a table up against a fence, with plenty of room to walk. We told the officers, "We're here to get signatures to put Jamiel's Law on the March 3, 2009 ballot. We'll move our table to the inside of the fence". He said we couldn't do that. His words were, "you can't get signatures in a public park". So we said, "we'll talk to people as they walk by". According to the same officer, "You can only get signatures going door to door"!
One of the officers refused to give us his business card. However, another officer did hand us his card and he told us, "Many officers do support what you all are doing, but this is very political. 'They', are trying to shut you guys down. I hope you get the signatures you need". A third officer told us this raid was planned a week ago. He said, "We're just following orders, it's not us".

Then the Health Department walks up and tells us that we cannot give away water, soda and chips without a permit. We had about 4, 6 packs of water and sodas and small bags of chips. They told us, "load it up". Then the trash truck shows up ready to haul everything away. If that wasn't enough, the helicopter comes and hovers over the area. You would think we were criminals.

In addition to all of this, the City will not open the restrooms in the public park. It's true! They lock us out. We're forced to leave the park and go use the restrooms at one of the fast food restaurants. We have to fight and complain just to get the City to open the restrooms and we're still being ignored. Yet the City Council members bend over backwards to approve a restroom facility for day laborers at Home Depot.
We're shocked by all of this! The first time they raided the park I wasn't able to get pictures. I forgot the camera at home and forgot that I have a camera on my cell phone. Although I was able to get pictures after all, because did I mention two hours later they raided the park again?!
I wonder how much did all of this cost the City of Angels?

Please help collect signatures for Jamiel's Law
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MCDC Search and Rescue Operation In Cochise County

Stunning new video from the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Operations shows how a completed fence and citizen patrols coupled with the U.S. Border Patrol are stopping Illegal Aliens and Drug Traffic in Arizona.
Against endless waves of open border lobbying, and a constant barrage of nay-saying criticism and media distortions, the Minutemen simply continue on their mission-to secure the border of these United States. We will not be distracted, and we will not be dissuaded. While the alliance of critics devote all their time and resources seeking to destroy U.S. security and erase our border, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers stand strong in the gap to fortify, build, increase and improve border security for our country.

Bob Barr, Tom Tancredo, Alan Keyes and Chuck Baldwin to speak at Minutemen's DNC rally

bob barr DENVER (Map, News) - Activists who want to use the military to secure the nation's borders plan to rally on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention.
Representatives of both Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr and U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo confirmed Wednesday that they would speak at the event organized by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Tancredo ran for the Republican presidential nomination on anti-illegal immigration platform.
The group said former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin will also speak.
Minuteman president Chris Simcox said it seems both Barack Obama and John McCain are avoiding the issue of illegal immigration during their runs for the White House. He said his group wants them to pledge to adopt their plan to use members of the 25,000 National Guard to secure the nation's border with Mexico and Canada as well as beef up Coast Guard patrols.

Click Here For More Information

Ask Governor to Call a Special Session to Address Immigration-Reduction Legislation!

Dear Florida MCDC Volunteers,

The message below is from the National Coalition for Immigration Enforcement, an association of mostly Florida-based organizations including the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps that plans to extend its state and local immigration reduction efforts nationwide. The Coalition asks for your assistance in getting Florida Governor Charlie Crist to call a special session of the state legislature on immigration reduction.

Coalition organizations were thwarted in their attempt to get good legislation passed earlier this year when Speaker Mario Rubio prevented any bills from moving. This is a chance to put Governor Crist - a possible Vice Presidential candidate with close ties to Senator John McCain - on the hot seat. Even if he fails to call a special session, the media attention surrounding the "Petition Crist" drive will help bring immigration reduction back into the national spotlight in the weeks leading up to the Republican convention.

Please read the Coalition's notice below and consider signing a petition.

The National Coalition for Immigration Enforcement issues this URGENT ALERT!

Attention All Citizen Activists & Activist Groups Nationwide


Please send a petition to Charlie Crist

(Click Below To Receive Your petition By Return E-mail!)

"The Sunshine State Desperately Needs Your Help Right Now!"

Activist groups from across Florida have joined together to petition Florida's Governor (Operation: Calm Before The Storm!) to call a Special Session of the Legislature to address, and pass, proposed bills that were SUPPRESSED from consideration this past spring by Florida's Speaker of the House, Marco Rubio!

And, although Florida's Governor has career aspirations that could take him far beyond Tallahassee, Floridian's and Americans alike, believe his first priority should be protecting his citizens against illegal immigration, before he moves on bigger personal objectives.

Here's what YOU can do to help.

Simply visit to send a petition to Florida Governor Charlie Crist to demand that he "Do The Right Thing" for Florida's citizens, and America!

The petition process only takes seconds and every American can participate.

(If you experience technical difficulties with this petition process, simply email us directly at

On behalf of the National Coalition for Immigration Enforcement, we thank you in advance for helping Governor Crist better understand the magnitude of the illegal immigration CRISIS, not just in Florida, but throughout America as well!

Thank you for your special effort in supporting our state on this critical initiative. We'll update you on Calm Before The Storm!, and advise you of when Operation: Line In The Sand!.. is ready to commence. Your participation makes an impact & it truly makes a difference!

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