Friday, August 8, 2008

Jamiel's Law: Selective Media Coverage of Our Rally

Jamiel's Law: Selective Media Coverage of Our Rally
By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles,

The rally yesterday was terrific and moving. Around 300 people made time, on short notice, during a week day, to demonstrate in front of Council Member Jack Weiss's office. Doug McIntyre spoke, as did Sergeant Shaw, Mr. Shaw, Mrs. Bologna, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. March, and yours truly.

For people who rely on the L.A. Times / Hoy, however, the event never happened. There is no Jamiel's Law. There is no growing movement to end "sanctuary city" status for gang members.

Rather, for readers of L.A.'s version of Pravda, and its affiliated TV station, KTLA, and Channel 7, illegal alien gang bangers are not a problem. The big story for them was photo-op where Villaraigosa and Weiss demonstrated how to use a new cross-walk. (You could not make this stuff up.)

Several other media sources, however, actually covered the event. Channels 9 and 11 broadcast reports on the protest, as did KNX 1070.

The word is spreading, and it's spreading because of you. Keep it up. We can and must pass Jamiel's Law. We owe it to the Shaw family, the Bolgona family, and to ourselves. Keep pressing. Whenever our fellow citizens -- who don't pay attention to local politics -- learn about the city's "sanctuary city" policies, and learn L.A. is sanctuary for gangs rather than families, they join us. All we have to do is get the word to them.

Speaking of which, many of you heard of me in the first place because of radio ads. The radio stations don't give those away. I was able to buy them because other people had contributed money to my campaign. I recently was able to reach out to a new audience by buying some advertising on KJLH. But I can't buy new ads without new contributions. So if you haven't contributed already, please do so today. The money isn't for me, as you know, it's for us. It's for us to get the word to our fellow citizens, because they can't find out about my campaign or Jamiel's Law from reading the L.A. Times / Hoy, or watching Channels 2, 4, 5 or 7. Click here to take action.

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