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Top of The Times: Thursday August 28, 2008

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Top of the Times

Today's Headlines | Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today's Headlines

Half black and half white, he fights the undertow of race.

His brother and sons have close ties to a law firm that has benefited from the senator's congressional votes.

Democrats come together after a heated primary battle to name Barack Obama the first black major-party presidential nominee.

The Harvard study may ultimately shift treatment options away from stem cells for a variety of diseases.

U.S. authorities are examining hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by the union and a related charity to firms owned by relatives of the Los Angeles local's president, sources say.


Pamela Fayed's firm and marriage were in trouble before she was killed, records show.

Proposition 11, which would strip the Legislature of its power to draw state Senate and Assembly district lines, is desperately needed.

Del Martin, a pioneer lesbian rights activist who, with her partner of more than 50 years, Phyllis Lyon, became the first same-sex couple to legally marry in San Francisco in June, died Wednesday. She was 87.

They say their rights are being violated by charities that raise millions with the electronic devices. The Assembly passes a bill that would outlaw the machines.


The Obama campaign has signaled its willingness to go negative. But the candidate will strive to remain 'post-partisan.'

House Democrats schedule a hearing that would put former White House counsel Harriet Miers under oath. The Justice Department prepares a last-ditch court appeal.

In a bid to project an image of unity, the Obama camp agrees to a traditional convention hall vote. But it's a shortened version outside of prime-time TV coverage.


Villagers' homecoming to a war-ravaged community is a sign of an uncertain calm. But lasting peace hinges on whether traumatized Iraqis can set aside their hurt and losses and start over.

In Ramadi, a businessman and a sheik each play a role in helping bring peace, and the U.S. hopes, long-term stability to the once-violent city.

Despite devastating losses from the war with Russia, leaders think the West now sees Moscow's true colors and will redouble support.


President Calderon will open bidding for infrastructure contracts Thursday. The project is likely to transform the village of Punta Colonet.

Commissioner Steve Poizner releases proposed regulations. The plan is considered to be more accurate, and it would give a financial incentive to California motorists to drive less.

The deal allows the big oil firm to focus on its other operations.

Chartreuse & Mont Blanc agrees to buy the flagging winter sports gear maker for $147 million, less than half what Quiksilver had paid for it in 2005.


The 2008 season begins Thursday and will be hard-pressed to match the unpredictability of last season.

Decision to have players become proficient in English seems aimed at South Koreans.

The series, which is already struggling in a sluggish economy, is nervously awaiting the auto company's decisions on sponsorships.

Arts and Entertainment

Almost everything worked for movie studios during their key season, but there were some notable duds. 'Meet Dave,' anyone?

With a new album 'Sol-Angel,' Beyoncé's sibling aims to blaze her own unconventional path.

The actress has gotten strong notices for a role she created for herself. She also earned executive producer credit for the film, which was No. 2 at the box office last weekend.


These tips will help you find a spit-roasted bird to eat at a restaurant or home.

Grab your kids and some baskets and head out to the nearest U-pick farm for the freshest fruits and vegetables.


When diplomacy isn't enough and force is too risky, a policy of conservative internationalism is best.

Whittier College's president calls for a more coolheaded discussion on revisiting drinking-age laws.

Retired cops often guard film and TV shoots. Chief Bratton wants to do away with that and use only active-duty officers.

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