Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lifeguard Championships Aug 7- 9 in Manhattan Beach -- largest ocean event in nation's history of surf racing

The FORD 2008 United States Lifesaving Championships

Manhattan Beach Pier - Los Angeles - California

August 7th-9th

The FORD 2008 United States Lifesaving Championship promises to be the largest ocean event in the nation's history of surf racing.  Over 2,000 of the country's best Junior and Senior lifeguards from over 100 different lifeguard services will travel across the United States and converge on the world-famous Manhattan Beach to determine the top surf gladiators of the sea.

The events will take place over three days and will include an array of swimming, running, paddling, surf skis, rowing, and sand events. These types of competition call for incredible courage and stamina as the finely-tuned athletes battle in the summer swells that create large, pounding surf.  Spectacular scenes of watercraft breaking through large waves or flipping end over end are commonplace. Bronze specimens must be ready to negotiate tricky and hazardous waves or suffer defeat at nature's relentless hand.

The Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association is proud to be partnering with the Ford motor company to host this most prestigious event and historic gathering.


The Ford Motor Company has also teamed up with the Los Angeles County Lifeguards, a division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, to help save lives while protecting the environment.  Ford has presented the department with a fleet of 45 eco-friendly Escape Hybrids with Intelligent four-wheel-drive, specially equipped for use on rescue patrol along the 72 miles of Southern California coastline guarded by LA County.


“We are the largest lifeguard organization in the world, and we have always blazed the trail for the profession,” said Mike Frazer, chief, Lifeguard Services, Los Angeles County Fire Department.  “We wanted to be the first public safety agency in the country to go green.”


The Los Angeles County Lifeguards are favored to win their 22nd consecutive National championship. This event is open to the public. The Escape hybrids will be on display.

Come see these American Icons display skills that are responsible for saving thousands of each year.




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