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What's on the Mayor's Mind?

What’s the mayor up to these days? He’s whacking Angelenos’ knuckles for wasting water, he’s revving up the schools he’s in charge of and he’s got more than a million and a half bucks toward his reelection campaign for mayor - but is it the governor’s job he’s really after? And what exactly is the status of the half-cent sales tax increase slated for the Nov ballot? Like the LA Times headline says, the "MTA sales tax is on. Off. On. Whatever." We get answers from Mayor Villaraigosa.



Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa





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Social Networks are Going All Business

Move over MySpace and make room for a new generation of social network users. LinkedIn – a business networking site – has 23 million users worldwide and more signing up everyday. The average user is 41-years old and looking for business contacts to advance his or her career. How does it work? And is this a trend we will see more of in the future? We take a look at how LinkedIn is changing the way people do business.



Patrick Crane, Vice President of Marketing,



Sasha Strauss, LinkedIn user. Founder of Innovation Protocol… he says he built his company up from using the site.

Call him @


Debra Aho Williamson, Senior analyst at eMarketer


She specializes on social network marketing and online marketing to specific demographic groups. She can also speak about the increase of advertising dollars spent on social network sites and new trends ahead like business to business sites dedicated to specific fields like law. She is also finding that businesses are building their own network sites for employees.




2:40 – 3:00

Collections of Nothing

What makes a person collect things…stamps, baseball cards or anything else? Author William Davies King delves into this idiosyncrasy by examining his own obsession with collecting things like wire, masking tape and boulders in a new book called: Collections of Nothing. Pat speaks with him about his habitual hoarding and the truths it can reveal about the impulse to accumulate.



William Davies King: Author, Collections of Nothing




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