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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Will Hillary Take the Gold?

So? How did she do? Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention got almost as much attention as Barack Obama’s will – it stamps her party legacy and her image for years to come – so, like the Olympics, we’ll rate her performance.







11:30 – 12:00

1969 Revisited? Oil Drilling Off the Coast of Santa Barbara

Drilling for oil is like panning for gold, but not nearly as risky to the environment, as was proven in 1969 when an oil spill coated the Santa Barbara coastline and spawned the modern environmental movement.  And now, as the nation debates off-shore drilling for "black gold," the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors considered a measure Tuesday that would support renewing oil exploration off the coast.  We ask… is the risk worth the reward?




Salud Carbajal (CARB-ah-hall), Chair, Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors


Contact:  Jerremy Till, executive assistant  805-568-2182, 805-568-2186-main #



Brooks Firestone, Supervisor with the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors


Contact:  Jimmy Swanson  805-455-7955-mobile

Asst:  Chris 805-568-2192




1:00 – 1:30

What's an Idea Worth?

It's not the one billion that Mattel wanted, but a federal jury awarded the toy-maker $100 million in damages on Tuesday in a federal copyright lawsuit that the house of Barbie brought against MGA Entertainment Inc., the maker of the bratty Bratz dolls. Mattel argues that the original doll design belongs to them, and thus the profits should, too. Where does idea ownership begin and end?







1:30 – 2:00

Mother on Fire! A True Story

She's a writer, a radio commentator, and a performance artist… oh, wait…AND she's a mother of two! In her new book, "Mother on Fire," Sandra Tsing Loh, master of the balancing act, puts her own special spin on parenting, trying to find the “right” school, being forty-something, facing feminism, and marriage. Let Sandra's sartorial prose put you in a velour mommy track suit and go along for the ride!


PATT: Sandra will be reading and signing her book on Tuesday, September 16th, at Skylight Books.

She is heard on KPCC with "The Loh Down on Science," airing Monday through Friday and with "The Loh Life" which airs on Mondays.



Sandra Tsing Loh, writer, NPR commentator, Atlantic Monthly contributor, and performance artist




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