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Thursday, April 2, 2009

1-3 p.m.


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1:30 – 2:00

Dazed & Confused: What Exactly is the DEA Policy toward California’s Medical Marijuana Law?

Two weeks ago Attorney General Eric Holder caused a major splash in the proverbial bong-water when he said that raids on California’s medical marijuana clubs were no longer a priority for the Justice Department. One week later, the Drug Enforcement Administration raided a medical pot club in San Francisco, causing all kinds of confusion and conspiracy theories about who, exactly, was setting and enacting drug enforcement policy in the Obama Administration. So what are the Justice Department and DEA positions toward our medical marijuana law?  We seek clarification directly from the DEA and get into the broader questions of legalizing pot.



Garrison Courtney, Drug Enforcement Administration’s chief of public affairs



Other guest TBD





2:00 – 2:20

Add a Recession to the Stress of Waiting by the Mailbox

College applicants are feeling the downturn in the economy this week as they begin receiving admission decisions from universities. The recession may be making it easier to gain admission to some private schools as fewer applicants can afford to apply, but that means private schools are covering their end by sending out more letters of acceptance and creating bigger waiting lists, while public and lower-cost universities are being overwhelmed by applicants. We take a look at how this year's economy is affecting college admissions in predictable and not so predictable ways.



Names TBD: Dean of Admissions at Stanford or USC and one of the Cal State Schools



2:20 – 2:40




2:40 – 3:00

How the World Makes Love

Your worst breakup probably doesn’t compare to being dumped by your bride a few days before the wedding. That’s what happened to Franz Wisner. He managed to make the best of the situation by taking his brother Kurt with him on the honeymoon and turning their travels into a New York Times bestseller.  Not bad for the victim of a runaway bride, but what happens after the honeymoon?  The brothers face the reality of being thirty-something bachelors in LA, and start to wonder what romantic options are open to jilted grooms (and their brothers). So, they set off to travel the world to find out how countries around the world view love and maybe, just maybe, turn one man's journey from jaded, jilted groom, to simply a groom. 



Franz Wisner, author of "Honeymoon with My Brother."  His new book is "How the World Makes Love."


Kurt Wisner, who "honeymooned" with his brother after Franz's upcoming wedding fell through days before the ceremony, and then traveled with his brother to Egypt, India, Nicaragua, New Zealand, and Brazil to learn the world's love lessions. 




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