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Your Stimulus Dollars Hit the Road

More accurately, your stimulus dollars are starting to be sunk into roads, and highways, bridges, schools and several different infrastructure projects as stimulus-funded construction begins in earnest.  Early reviews show that a new bridge over a Louisiana bayou, the widening of a mountain road in Colorado and sidewalk repairs in Portland, OR are underway thanks to stimulus money.  Here in California infrastructure projects are gearing up, but the bulk of the money will be used to bolster the state’s aging healthcare system.  With so many billions of dollars being thrown around the potential for fraud and waste are high—as the stimulus gets off the ground, so does its oversight and we bring you the early reports.



Cynthia Bryant: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's deputy chief of staff. She is one of the heads of California's economic stimulus task force

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Dennis Cauchon, reporter at USA Today heading up the paper’s review of stimulus-funded infrastructure projects



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Dazed & Confused: What Exactly is the DEA Policy toward California’s Medical Marijuana Law?

Two weeks ago Attorney General Eric Holder caused a major splash in the proverbial bong-water when he said that raids on California’s medical marijuana clubs were no longer a priority for the Justice Department.  One week later, the Drug Enforcement Administration raided a medical pot club in San Francisco, causing all kinds of confusion and conspiracy theories about who, exactly, was setting and enacting drug enforcement policy in the Obama Administration.  So what are the Justice Department and DEA positions toward our medical marijuana law?  We seek clarification directly from the DEA and get into the broader questions of legalizing pot.



Garrison Courtney, Drug Enforcement Administration’s chief of public affairs



Judge Jim Gray: Retired Superior Court Judge; expert on drug laws

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2:40 – 3:00




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